This was our first game jame ever. It was the Ludum Dare 32 game jam and the theme was Unconventional Weapon.

Tragedy has struck, and there's only one man to fix it. Craig Killbane. A Man who has been given Nuclear Arms becomes the one weapon needed to save the world.

This is our first Ludum Dare, and many of us' first time using most of the tools as well. Learned a bunch and had fun. Hope you guys like what we came up with.

WASD = movement (Press W to climb vines, and S to pass through platforms)
Left Click = Punch
Right Click = Laser

IMPORTANT NOTE - You need to HOLD LMB to punch, Time it right to get the most range.

HEAT is your resource to fire the laser. It depletes the longer you fire it. To gain more HEAT you just need to kill enemies or destroy barrels. You get more HEAT when destroying things with your punch.


Download 26 MB
Download 28 MB
Download 28 MB

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