Craig Killbane is on the hunt to destroy the Shadow Government and stop their scheme to unleash the giants. Unfortunately he's low on nuclear power so he'll have to keep it in check while fighting the giant's minions.

This game follows the adventures of Craig Killbane. You can check out the first 3 parts of the adventure from our past Ludum Dare submissions:

Nuclear Arms -

Nuclear Arms 2, Garbage Day -

Nuclear Arms 3 -

This is our 4th Ludum Dare project. We were a bit low on manpower and had less time to complete the project this time but in the end we got something out that should be well worth your time


Logan Marks - Programming (Pathfinder, Assets, Enemies), Some Sprites

Taylor Seely - Story Board, Sound and Asset Finder

Mitchell Maclean - Programming (Assets, Guns, Enemies)

Jack Thomas - Programming (Boss Fight, UI), Asset Finder

Brenden Roach - Slide Art


Download 39 MB
Download 40 MB
Download 55 MB

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