This was our submission for the Ludum Dare 34 game jam. The theme for it was Two Button Controls, and Growing.

This game follows the adventures of Craig Killbane. You can check out the first part of the adventure here:

OR Here on

This game is a infinite shoot em up style game.
-Avoid trash or it will cause your ship to grow.
-Shoot lazers to create paths.
-Pickup shields to endure collision obstacles.
-Listen to the call ins of your friends and enemies.

Move left = left arrow key
move right = right arrow key
Activate lazer (if you have ammo) = press left and right arrow keys together
shake garbage loose = hold left and right arrow keys together

Chad Gerein - Ship Movement and powerups
Logan Marks - level generation and intro/outro screens, some art
Brodie Beaman - Recorded and edited VO lines.
Mitchell Maclean - Conversation panel logic and UI, sound effects, some art


Download 28 MB
Nuclear Arms 2 30 MB
Download 31 MB

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